Learn all about which Oasis items out there that you own might be fakes!

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Type: Chinese Silver CD
Matrix: H309
Catalog: H309-C1-296
Notes: Looks pretty real but I doubt it is. Lists Sony Taiwan as the label but I have the real Taiwan release and it doesn't look like this.
Type: Chinese Gold 2CD Set
Matrix: DX-1358
Catalog: DH2-679
Notes: Hong Kong/Singapore/Malaysia rip-off CD. Has holograms and stickers on the front slip sleeve to make it look authentic.

Type: Chinese Gold CD
Matrix: 24K BIT ISRC DTC-398
Catalog: DTC-398
Notes: A very decent attempt (and possibly real) CD from Universal supposedly. Because the CD is gold I'm sure its fake.
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Type: Silver CD
Matrix: LXZ 030105
Catalog: None
Notes: A very decent attempt but fake CD. The maker of this pirate CD probably draws a lot of sales because of the authentic look.

Type: Russian Silver CD
Matrix: AP 00147
Catalog: None
Notes: A poor attempt by the Russians to bootleg The Masterplan. They tried to rip off the US Promo look.
Type: Chinese Gold 2CD
Matrix: SCD-1157 (B)
Catalog: SCD-1157B
Notes: A poor English attempt at a Familiar To Millions look-a-like. It comes in a very nice fold-over cardboard case though!

Type: Swedish Promo CD
Matrix: OASIS 2002 DCM SWEDEN 12061103
Catalog: None
Notes: A possibly real promo CD from DCM Sweden, but I don't know how to authenticate it. It's supposedly a 5-song sampler for Heathen Chemistry. I've looked up DCM and it looks like they have a service that allows you to make your own CD's, so someone might have been pulling off a quick-cash scam with this one.

Type: Live Silver CD
Matrix: Unknown
Catalog: ESK 6805
Notes: A nearly flawless fake, yet there are minor differences. First, look at the inner CD matrix circle and compare it to the real one. Second, look at the outta edge of the CD. Beware of this one, they are everywhere!
Type: Heathen Chemistry SIlver Sampler CD
Matrix: Unknown
Catalog: Unknown
Notes: An attempt to be a full album release sampler. It's is unknown for sure if this is fake, but by looking at the logo of Oasis and also by the fact that they released other album promos different to this one, buyer beware.

Type: Instore 12''
Matrix: Unknown
Catalog: Unknown
Notes: A well designed 12'' fake. There is no Damont on the groove though, meaning it's completely bogus. You'll see these on eBay for cheap, so beware!
Type: Lyla Chinese CD
Matrix: Unknown
Catalog: Unknown
Notes: A horrible attempt at a Lyla single. The tracklisting has many old songs, the picture is wrong, and it comes on two discs. Don't buy these crappy bootlegs.

Type: Don't Believe The Truth Chinese CD
Matrix: Unknown
Catalog: Unknown
Notes: A horrible attempt at an album bootleg. DTS? That's used in movies or DVD-Audio. Also, why include other tracks from other albums? Pathetic.


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